Director Gabrielle Stemmer uses the Internet’s large archive box as a playground and research field. Her work explores female virtual communities on social networks, as well as the new spaces of sociability that are created online. She has directed several short films, all made through an impressive classification and editing of large swaths of images posted online by women about themselves.
During the Night of Ideas and to accompany the panel You’ve Reached Maximum Capacity!, the following films will be played twice in Ciné Lumière II. They will be presented and discussed by Gabrielle Stemmer.
Clean with Me (After Dark)
FRA | 2019 | dir. Gabrielle Stemmer | 21 mins
In this short documentary, Stemmer questions the phenomenon of cleaning videos on YouTube through a clever and playful montage of ‘Net Found Footage’ posted online by military wives in the USA. Clean with Me silently and subtly unearths the loneliness and neuroses that often underpin both the cleaning and the mise-en-scène of it, in a society in which women are homemakers and the home is their gilded cage.
Women on TikTok
FRA | 2020 | dir. Gabrielle Stemmer | 4 mins
During lockdown, while everyone was stuck at home, Stemmer dived into the world of young women who film themselves on TikTok, often expressing their exasperation with household chores and with their companions, who more often than not seem very little concerned…


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