London by Godard will be celebrated through the outlook of the seminal UK film magazine Afterimage which emerged in the wake of post-1968 cultural and political change and published thirteen issues between 1970 and 1987, including Jean-Luc Godard’s manifesto on making political films.

In British Sounds, Godard, believing that the narrative film was outdated and bourgeois, let loose a propagandistic audio-visual barrage on the senses that combines Maoism, the Beatles, multiple soundtracks, minimal cinema, nudity (accompanied by a women’s liberation statement), and excerpts from Nixon, Pompidou, and the Communist Manifesto, all ending with a blood-spattered hand painfully reaching for a red flag.

The screening will be introduced by Simon Field, former editor of Afterimage
In partnership with Open City Documentary Festival

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About Simon Field

Simon Field, is one of the contributors to the recently published The Afterimage Reader (edited by Mark Webber, The Visible Press, May 2022) and a former editor of the Afterimage journal