• Welcome Remarks: Rebuilding Together

    18:00–18:50 - Ciné Lumière – Opening
    Onsite & Online
    Catherine Colonna, Ambassador of France to the UK, will launch the Night of Ideas 2022. This new edition will focus on “Rebuilding Together”.
    Opening address, online, by Philippe Descola, anthropologist and Professor at the Collège de France, author of Beyond Nature and Culture.
    Opening address, by artist Zineb Sedira, who represents France at the 59th Venice Biennale.


  • Video Games

    18:00–23:00 - L’Atelier – Video Games
    During the Night, the participants will be invited to play two different 2D video games. In Diluvian Winds, the rising waters are pushing large populations into exile. A lighthouse keeper witnesses this mass exodus and has to decide how to manage his environment, cooperating with the refugees in order to survive the consequences of global warming. In Citizens, the player gets to create a constitution for their own imaginary country. Game on!


  • Spoken Words

    19:00–23:20 - Foyer – Poetry Pop-up
    Inspired by the event’s thought-provoking conversations, Spoken Word poet Anthony Anaxagorou will deliver tailor-made poems. As you will go from panel to panel, he will declaim his pieces, creating an immersive experience and giving an artistic approach on the topics discussed during the Night.


  • Zero-Waste Cooking Class

    20:00–20:30 - Café Tangerine – Workshop
    Climate-forward chef Douglas McMaster comes to the Institut for a unique cooking workshop! The world’s first zero-waste restaurant he opened in London, Silo, serves food that would otherwise be going to waste, up-cycles all its furniture and fittings and makes its own compost. So roll up your sleeves and come learn sustainable cooking with the expert in the field: dumpster-dive in!


  • Interviews with KCL & UCL Professors and PhD Students

    20:00–22:00 - Ciné Lumière 2 – Q&A
    In each of these three 30-minute Q&A sessions, a PhD student from King’s College London and University College London will interview their professor on some of the topics discussed during the night, enabling them to further develop their arguments.



  • Closing Concert

    23:30–00:00 - La Médiathèque
    Arthur Sajas, Marie Merlet, Catherine Lucas and Cédric Monzali will premiere a graphic partition by Arthur Sajas. These four improvisers are members from the HAHA Sounds Collective, a 15-piece choir and accompanying instrumental ensemble with roots in jazz, soundtrack and avant-garde music.
    This experimental choral project brings together London-based musicians and arrangers from diverse backgrounds.
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